The Issues

My highest priorities

Safe and Clean Drinking Water

Abundant and high-quality water is essential for sustaining economic prosperity and environmental health. As the county continues to grow, it is critical that water resources are conserved and used efficiently. Kane County has committed to water supply planning through the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) and The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) which determined our 3 sources of drinking water. The shallow and deep groundwater aquifer and the Fox River.

Public Safety and Strong Mental Health Care

We must provide working resources for this. The Kane County Health Department has done an excellent job with this, working with support organizations through out the county. It’s very important that the Health Department and the Support organizations continue to have the resources they need. We need to do everything we can to see that they have the resources they need to deal with health issues as they arise.


Everyone is feeling the effects of inflation, particularly with gas and food prices. Increasing energy costs and materials cost will strain the Kane County Budget and have an impact on the county finances. I will work to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Employee Retention

We have employees who are still making minimum wage and highly qualified and experienced personnel who are making less than their private sector counterparts. They are frequently recruited by not only the private sector, but also other counties who offer more competitive compensation.

I live in ILLINOIS,
while my opponent Mark Davoust LIVES IN FLORIDA
and has been a FLORIDA RESIDENT SINCE 2017.